Membership to the Sydney Datsun Club is available to anyone. Largely a social based club, we run a number of events including Monthly Meetings, Cruises & Motorsport Events.

Please refer to the membership form for further details and pricing. Memberships can also be processed at an monthly meeting and other selected events.

Membership Application & Renewal Form:

document-pdf SDC Membership Form

Pay online using PayPal with annual renewal – Please ensure you also complete a membership form and send it to the email provided in the form, this should also be done each year. For your convenience, you membership will automatically renew each year unless you opt to cancel the subscription. 2 and 5 year memberships can be paid via a manual payment by PayPal or our other Payment options provided on the form. Credit Card facilities are available at our general meetings each month.

Annual Membership (Auto Renew)

Wish to cancel your recurring payment? Click the button below. Please note this will not cancel your current membership, only the reccuring payments will be cancelled.